Hormone Replacement Options to Consider to Tackle Depleted Levels at Middle Age


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As people age, their bodies undergo certain changes inevitably. These changes are not always what you would want to happen to your body and your internal systems, but their onset and progress is inevitable, and there is very little that can be done about it. However, there are certain things that can be done to ensure that the unpleasant effects of these changes on the body and mind, if any, can be countered effectively, enhancing your quality of life and even protecting you from further health concerns and issues which might become serious in the future. Whether it is for men or women, one thing that definitely does change with age is hormone levels. Male or female hormones, which are secreted in the body at different times and different levels, have some very important functions, and once people reach a certain age, the production of these hormones, and consequently their level in the body, starts to dwindle. This might not always be a welcome change for many people irrespective of gender, and for those who are having difficulty dealing with the symptoms, there are always hormone replacement options.

Hormone replacement therapy of HRT has become more and more popular in many regions in the world over the last few decades, owing to the positive effects it can have in the lives of both men and women, and the potential benefits it has when it comes to preventing certain kinds of diseases which usually affect people at an older age. For men, the levels of the male hormone testosterone begin decreasing, typically after they reach 30 years of age, by about 1% annually. For women, this decline usually begins around the time of menopause, a time when the normal menstrual cycle stops occurring. This is the time when the relatively unpleasant changes start affecting the body, and considering hormone replacement options become a viable consideration. Fortunately, a lot can be achieved with hormone replacement therapy in this day and age. Currently, there are more than kinds of hormone replacement option available, and you can easily avail these treatments at nearby hormone replacement therapy clinics.

For men, low testosterone levels can be a problem. About four out of 10 men in the age group of 45 years and above are affected by low testosterone, and this translated into a number of physical and emotional conditions that can often be hard to deal with. The solution in this case is to opt for testosterone therapy, which makes use of artificially produced testosterone which is added to the body from outside to simulate the same effects as a surge in hormone levels. Among hormone replacement options, this is one of the treatment options that men can easily take advantage of during their older years.

For women, the problem of hormone imbalance can have even more serious implications. The two female hormones estrogen and progesterone start to deplete in the body around the time of menopause, and this can be accompanied by a number of painful and irritating physical symptoms, as well as emotional problems like stress, depression and mood swings. Furthermore, the depletion of these hormones might cause the bones to weaken with time, inviting diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis. The answer to this problems lies in the same kind of hormone replacement options that are used for men, but by using different techniques of administration and management. A popular mode of treatment is cyclical hormone replacement therapy, which in effects mimics the timing of the normal menstrual cycle in women. Estrogen is ingested every day, while progesteron is taken every 12 to 14 days. These hormone replacement options have been found to be extremely effective in combating the symptoms of depleted hormones, and you can definitely consider their use should you feel the need.

While everything cannot be cured by medication, the problem of hormone depletion is soething that can definitely be helped along by choosing from viable hormone replacement options and selecting the right mode of treatment, allowing you to live a better quality of life free from irritation, pain and the usual emotional setbacks suffered in this period.

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