Getting Wiser about Getting Older


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Not too many of us put very much thought into where we are going to be further down the line. Sure, you may have a five year plan, or even a plan for what you think your life should look like in 10 or 20 years. But what about after retirement? Or what about when your health is starting to decline and you can’t take part in all of the activities and adventures that you once did? Not to worry, there will be new adventures and new people for you to meet and adventure with, but if you are going to be in need of any in home care, it is probably best to start preparing a bit earlier on so that it is less of a stress when that time does roll around.

Why you should start thinking about in home care now
According to one survey of seniors older than age 65 in the United States, over 90% of them have not sat down to have a conversation about vital long term care issues with their significant other, their aging parents, or any of their adult children. This means that for a great majority in that age range, there is no real plan in place for the next crucial move in their lives, and for some that move can happen unexpectedly, as a result of health or financial issues. Talking about it does not mean that the big life change will be immediate, but at least everyone will be involved in the discussion. The probability of finding yourself disabled in the sense that there are at least two daily activities or functions that have become impossible, or of becoming in some way cognitively impaired is 68% for individuals who are 65 years old and older. And of the individuals who make up the older population who have long term care needs, around 30%, or 1.5 million people, have needs that would be considered substantial, and of those, around 25% are ages 85 or older. In that same group, 70% would consider themselves to be in fair to poor health.

Aging is nothing to be feared
Being prepared for days in the future that you might not be able to be quite as active doesn’t mean that you have to be afraid of that time coming. When it comes to senior care, it makes the most sense that the most preferred and comfortable option would be to stay in the home you know and love, with care and assistance available. But if it works out better to make the move to a community, elder care home, or facility, there could be perks there as well. Caregivers providing in home care in assisted living communities would become familiar faces that are there to help you feel your best. And living around others who are close in age or physical ability to you could open the door for new friendships, hobbies, and the chance to create even more exciting memories to the collection that you have been building and cherishing for your whole life.

We are all getting older. We all want the best out of life, no matter what stage of life we are in. So why not do a little thinking and planning for the days that you will not only be able to relax and reflect on your beautiful life, but have the ability to add more to it every single day.

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