Frequently Asked Questions for Those Considering Contact Lenses


Contact lens supplies

No matter your age, odds are you probably know someone who uses some form of optical supplies. Whether it’s contact lens supplies or glasses, the truth is that many people need these tools to help them see clearly.
However, just because you know someone who buys contacts from their optical suppliers doesn’t mean you have all the answers about contact lens distributors. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about contact lenses, answered.
Do I Need a Specific Exam?
Yes. Contact lenses can cause discomfort and even damage your eyes if they’re not fitted properly. In some cases, certain physical features may even prevent you from receiving contact lenses. For example, if you have what is called an incomplete blink, you won’t be able to wear contact lenses because they could dry out.
Are Contact Lenses Difficult to Take Care of?
Fortunately, contact lenses are easy to take care of. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not a responsibility. your contact lenses serve the same purpose as your glasses, so you should make sure to clean them often and follow your optometrist’s guidelines.
Can I Wear Contact Lenses for Sport Events?
Believe it or not, sports are a major reason for people to switch to contact lenses. They’re especially useful for fall and winter sports where a player’s glasses may fog up. Fortunately, that problem doesn’t exist with contact lenses.
Can I Sleep in Contact Lenses?
The answer to this ultimately depends on your optical supply. Certain brands allow you to sleep in your contacts for days and wear them for days at a time, while others need to be changed at the end of every day. In addition, your optometrist may recommend lenses that need to come out every night depending on your condition.
Can Contact Lenses Help Astigmatism?
Yes. In the past, contact lenses weren’t able to help those with astigmatism, but technology has made some significant advances in recent years.
Whether or not you’re eligible for contact lenses or other contact lens supplies is ultimately up to your doctor, but if it’s something you want to look into then you should definitely bring it up during your next optometry appointment.

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