Four Reasons Why Your Child Should Never Go Without Orthodontic Care


Lingual orthodontics

As a parent, it’s essential to make sure your children receive the best care for their health and well-being — and this includes the best dental care.

There is also a high likelihood that your child will need teeth braces at some point. Currently, an astonishing 80% of American teens are currently undergoing some form of orthodontic treatment. By taking your child to an orthodontist now, he or she can benefit from straight, beautiful teeth that he or she will be proud to show off.

Here are the top four reasons why you should seek orthodontic care for your child:

1. The dentist recommends it: If your child’s dentist recommends that your child should see an orthodontist for braces, you should follow his or her recommendation. Teeth braces that correct misaligned teeth can help your child feel better about his or her dental health and provide encouragement to brush and floss.

2. Your child’s teeth are noticeably misaligned or crooked: Having crooked teeth or an over- or underbite can have a devastating impact on one’s confidence. Likewise, teeth braces that correct these issues will have your child smiling with confidence for the rest of his or her life.

3. Your child’s oral structure and facial bone structure will be improved: Orthodontic troubles don’t just mean one has crooked teeth — they are also linked to migraines, breathing difficulty and poor dental hygiene practices later in life. By taking your child to get teeth braces, all these issues can be prevented.

4. By getting teeth braces now, your child won’t have to get adult orthodontics: While it’s possible for your child to get invisible braces as an adult, teeth braces are most effective during childhood and adolescence when the teeth are still developing and growing. For the amount of money that teeth braces cost, the benefits far outweigh the costs. Read more.

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