Four Reasons to Consider Scalp Pigmentation


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Did you know that about 811,000 balding people from around the world are desperately searching for professional, hair loss solutions? Thankfully, these individuals can find the answer they’re looking for with a scalp pigmentation treatment, which is basically a tattoo that simulates the look of a buzzed or brush hair cut.

Though scalp pigmentation might not be the best hair treatment option for all balding people, it can appeal to a much wider array of people than you’d think. Here are a some of the hair loss situations that scalp pigmentation can effectively treat!

Receding Hairline.

Male Pattern Baldness is a hereditary condition and is the most common reason why men lose their hair. Those who are genetically susceptible have certain hormones that trigger their hair to begin falling out. Luckily for them, scalp pigmentation can easily treat Male Pattern Baldness to bring the hair line right back to its natural position, blending the bald area with where the natural hair begins.

Balding at the Crown.

Male Pattern Baldness can also make men start to lose their hair at the crown of the head, which might seem like its harder to treat or disguise. Scalp micropigmentation, though, is a great treatment option as it can add more density to create a fuller looking head of hair.


Scarring on the top of the head can create awkward areas of baldness that require longer hair to cover up. Scalp pigmentation, though, can easily disguise these unattractive scars a person may have.

Total Baldness.

The majority of people who seek this treatment are those who have gone totally bald, since most other hair loss treatments require a person to at least have some hair on their head. These individuals will experience the most dramatic change, as scalp pigmentation can provide full coverage to make it seem like patients have a full head of hair.

This treatment not only gives people their confidence back, but it also takes years off of their physical appearance. If you have a receding hair line, scars, a bald crown, or are totally bald, this treatment is well worth your consideration. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.english spanish translate

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