Five Steps for Healthier Skin


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To ensure that you’re using the best skin care practices, there’s no source more reliable than your local dermatologist. However, you have likely found that your appointments at the dermatologist clinic are more likely to focus on serious and specific problems rather than day-to-day skin care. But once you’ve been prescribed the right acne treatment products or discussed skin cancer treatment options, it can be difficult to ask the equally important questions about sun protection, diet and more. Fortunately, many skin specialists have plenty of useful tips for these topics as well! Read on to learn about the skin care techniques your local dermatologist likely uses to keep their skin healthy and beautiful.

Use the Right Amount of Sunscreen
You likely know that applying sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher to any skin that is exposed to the sun is the best way to prevent skin cancer, wrinkles and an uneven complexion. But are you applying enough? Dermatologists recommend filling the hollow of your cupped hand with sunscreen and making sure you use it all, even if you have to apply a second coat. This way, you can be sure that your skin is safe from harmful UV rays.

Eat Some Omega-3s
Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation, which contribute to fine lines, sagging, and redness. To prevent this, try eating almonds or fatty fish like salmon, tuna and halibut.

Manage Your Stress Levels
Have you ever noticed that you are especially prone to skin problems, such as acne breakouts, when you’re stressed? You aren’t imagining things: high tension increases hormone production, which can aggravate skin conditions like psoriasis, acne, and more. For this reason, dermatologists recommend that patients make time for relaxing and healthy habits, like a short walk, and take a break from their mobile devices, especially before they go to sleep.

Exercise Right
All exercise can have healthy effects on the body and skin, but certain types are especially beneficial to your skin. For example, strength training builds better, more supportive muscle tone, creating firmer skin on the body. Meanwhile, research suggests that regular yoga practice can reduce aging and stress, as well as improve circulation, giving skin a lovely, healthy glow.

Get Your Antioxidants
While your local dermatologist will likely recommend sun protection as the first and most important step in preventing skin cancer and the signs of aging, making sure you also get plenty of antioxidants can help. For example, black and green tea have been found to contain antioxidants and protective compounds, such as EGCG and theaflavins, that can help prevent skin cancer and the breakdown of collagen.

Whether you have normal, relatively healthy skin or are prone to skin problems, there are a number of easy and beneficial steps you can take to improve your complexion. Try out these tips and see if your dermatologist notices a difference at your next appointment!

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