Fitness and Therapy


Today, the world of health is a complicated thing, given the rising rates of sedentary lifestyles, poor diets, and obesity, not to mention the increasing size of the elderly population who need special care. Medical help can take just as wide a variety of forms, whether for someone looking to go on a die and develop muscle mass, or someone who need therapy for lower back pain or other chronic conditions. Visiting local doctors for medical help is usually the first step to taking control of one’s own health, and the benefits can be life-changing. How can a person get the physical therapy they need, or get into shape after years of obesity? One can ask the doctors what is the best route to take and follow the steps for a better body.

Medical Help for Weight Loss

It is no secret that Americans are experiencing an epidemic of obesity and poor diets. Eating sugary and fatty fast foods and processed foods contributes a lot to this, since too many artificial ingredients pack on the pounds at an alarming rate, and when this is coupled with sedentary lifestyles in adolescents and adults alike, obesity rates soar. Often, neither adults nor children get the recommended amount of physical exercise each day or week, and kids are using electronic screens more than ever, while adults often work office jobs taht involve sitting all day. This can not only increase risk of stroke, diabetes, and heart disease, but can negatively impact mood and sleep patterns in kids and adults alike.

An overweight or obese patient can get medical help to turn this around. The best doctors will always know exactly how to go about this, and a patient may see his or her personal physician (who knows their medical needs and history) to get recommendations and safe guidelines. It is possible for a radical diet or exercise regimen to cause more harm than good, often resulting in sprained ankles (overall, 25,000 Americans sprain their ankles every day) or passing out. Instead of risking it alone, patients may listen to their doctor and find out the healthiest, most effective intensity and method for losing weight normally. This may often involve cutting processed foods and eating organic, as well as exercises ranging from sports like soccer and basketball to aerobics like swimming, bicycle riding, and even martial arts training like kickboxing or Muay Thai (which can also develop self-defense skills). Exercise and a good diet can burn fat, ease strain on the joints and bones, develop muscles, and improve mood and sleep, as well as giving satisfaction for a job well done (especially in sports and martial arts). Cutting alcohol and tobacco use may also go hand in hand with this regimen, especially since alcohol is “empty calories”, and tobacco use, like smoking, can limit lung capacity and interfere with exercise.

Therapy and Urgent Care

If need be, patients should get medical help from a medical clinic or from physical therapy centers, such as after an injury or to deal with chronic pain like lower back pain. In fact, those of the Baby Boomer generation (born 1945-1963) may have particular need for this; it is estimated that by the year 2030, six in ten Baby Boomers will be managing a chronic condition, and lower back pain is a common culprit. In fact, four out of ten people who exercise do so to manage lower back pain, and this may include plenty of senior citizens as well. And as with any new exercise regimen, senior citizens or those dealing with back pain are urged to visit their doctors first to find out how to safely and effectively launch an exercise program, and another option is to undergo physical therapy after an injury (such as a broken leg) or for lower back pain or arthritis. A person can get recommendations from his or her doctor.

Sports injuries may be a common reason to seek therapy, especially for demanding sports like American football, rugby, or soccer where sprains, concussions, or even broken bones may happen, not to mention torn ligaments or muscles. These athletes will almost certainly seek medical help after an accident on the field or on the ice rink, and professionals can help them regain proper use of their bodies and mobility.

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