Find a Quality and Experienced Back Surgeon to Help Get Rid of the Pain


Dr. joseph verska

Microdisectomy is an inpatient procedure in which the patient is asked to walk and move around as soon as possible in order to get comfortably adjusted to the procedure. Degenerative disc disease affects the discs that cushion the spine but, contrary to common belief, is a result of the normal aging process. Spondylolysis is one of the most common causes of back pain and is when a small stress fracture occurs in the fifth Lumbar vertebra in the lower back. African America women are two to three time more likely to develop an issue where a vertebra in the lower back slips out of place called spondylolisthesis. Lower back is also the one of the leading causes for missed work and work related injuries in the United States.

If you are experiencing back pain, lower back pain, or general discomfort from prior injuries, try not to let it go on for too long and contact Joseph verska boise. Dr. Joseph Verska is a qualified and experienced back surgeon who can offer advice and recommend treatments related to back pain. Forgo the ritualistic popping of anti inflammatory over the counter pain killers and get in touch with Joseph Verska Boise to start the process for getting a pain free lifestyle. Most back and spine surgeons offer a variety of services to help rectify any issue related to the back so take the initiative to discuss your situation with Joseph verska boise.

When speaking with Joseph Verska Boise, take the necessary amount of time to get a complete understanding of what type of procedure or therapy you might require. Based on your symptoms, surgery may not be there direction Joseph Verska Boise recommends so you should keep an open mind and not preclude anything like major surgery for a small amount of pain. There are alternative medical practices related to back pain and chronic back pain but these are not widely accepted. Consider talking to Dr. Joseph Verska Boise about these alternatives when comparing treatment options.

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