Fearful of Visiting the Eye Doctor?


Are you afraid to visit an eye care specialist? For most people, the answer is probably yes. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Eye care specialists are there to help one through their appointment and make sure that one’s visit is as comfortable as possible.

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Tips for Making Sure Your Eye Exam Goes Well

  • Bring a friend! It can be scary getting an eye exam, but it’s much more manageable if a person has someone there who supports them and helps guide the conversation with the doctor, it’s much more manageable.
  • Make sure the glasses and contacts are up to date. This will give the doctor good baseline information as they examine one’s eyes and help them determine whether or not further testing needs to happen to get an accurate diagnosis of any existing conditions or concerns about future issues.
  • Take care of yourself. Taking care of oneself means paying attention to what’s happening inside one’s head and outside. A person who knows how important it is when someone tells them something is wrong with their body will have a smooth consultation process. Contact home for more details!


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