Facts On Proton Therapy


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Every single year the medical industry continues to grow in ways that amaze and astound many of the people that work in this field. Thanks to a boost in technology, researchers and doctors are discovering new ways to treat serious issues and are developing new vaccines which help get rid of dangerous diseases that could hurt the total population. One of the newest developments involves treating the serious disease of cancer.

One of the newest developments for treating cancer involves proton therapy for head and neck cancer. Understand that at the beginning of 2015 there were more than 30 different particle therapy centers with a total of about 80 treatment rooms that were under construction across the globe. Here are all of the important facts on proton therapy for head and neck cancer.

The process of proton therapy for head and neck cancer is a very detailed and targeted approach. Some studies have been conducted on proton therapy for head and neck cancer that have revealed that when patients use this process to treat cancer it helps to seriously reduce the risk of impotence. Keep in mind that just about 94% of all men report that they remain sexually active after their proton therapy for head and neck cancer.

Proton therapy for prostate treatment is no different than proton therapy for head and neck cancer. The treatment of breast cancer and the treatment of prostate cancer can be done through this way as well which, as previously mentioned, helps allow men to avoid being impotent after the process.

Getting proton therapy for head and neck cancer will help to decrease the radiation dose to gastrointestinal structures by at the very least 59% as opposed to using an X-ray. So getting proton therapy for head and neck cancer is clearly much more advantageous for the person that needs treatment. It easily helps to avoid serious implications that can come from this.

One treatment session will usually take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes. It is important to keep in mind that the actual time it takes for the doctor to deliver protons to the cancerous area actually only takes two minutes at the max. So on top of being much safer for the patient, proton therapy for head and neck cancer is quick as well.

Glioblastomas account for about 15% of all primary brain tumors. Nearly 24,000 adults and over 4,000 children are diagnosed with cancerous tumors of the brain and spinal cord each year. The majority of these numbers are attributed directly to brain tumors that develop. Brain tumors are incredibly dangerous and need serious treatment to be healed.

Cancer proton therapy can be done at a cancer treatment center and it is the future of advanced cancer treatment options. Researchers report that 99%, 94%, and 74% of all of the men treated with proton therapy with low-risk, intermediate-risk, and high-risk prostate cancer will have no signs of cancer recurrence after five years of follow-up.

Conventional radiation will go beyond the area of the tumor when it is used to treat cancer. However, proton therapy is specific and it will go to just the specific point in the targeted tissue and will begin to work to heal the affected areas. In breast cancer, this means that no radiation will ever make it to the heart and 50% less radiation will ever reach the lungs as opposed to using conventional radiation.

In Conclusion

Getting proton therapy for head and neck cancer is the best option now for anyone that is suffering from serious cancerous illnesses. It is not only the safest form of treatment that a cancer patient can get, it is also quick, painless, and incredibly simple. Doctors are allowed to target a specific area which will allow them to get the help they need without overdoing it and ending up getting hurt in the process.

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