Ensuring Safety and Comfort of Your Bike


Long distance rider bike seat

Spring is finally here! The weather will begin to change and get warmer over the next couple of months. Now is the perfect time to begin preparing for spring and summer activities. With more than 1 billion bikes in the world, there are twice as many bicycles in the world as there are cars. Biking is a common sport, especially during the warmer weather. Safe biking requires specific biking accessories and bike add ons. As spring?s warm weather approaches, ensure that you are ready for biking season with the following biking accessories.

Bike safety materials

One of the most common types of injuries while biking is damage to the head. If you fall off of your bike and your head is unprotected, you can suffer from serious head injuries. A helmet is perhaps the most important piece of bike safety equipment. We often encourage young child to use bike helmets when they are learning to ride a bike. However, those same biking helmets are necessary even in the most advanced and experienced of adult bikers. They could potentially save your life if you are involved in a biking accident.

Other important bike safety materials include knee pads, elbow pads, and mouth guards. Although an injury to one of these areas of the body is not as dangerous as an injury to the head, it can still result in some serious damages. You could break a bone or cause a fracture of one of these areas. The bicycle industry in the United States saw $6.2 billion in direct sales in 2015. The purchase of these additional biking safety materials is just as important as the sale of the bike itself.

Bike comfort materials

When you spend a lot of time biking, you desire something that is also comfortable. As some people use bikes for transportation, comfort is crucial. The bike seat particularly should be comfort for long rides. C series bike seats are one of the most chosen types of comfortable bike seats. The C series bike seats often come as leather bike seats that are customized to fit the rider. They may be in the form of a bicycle saddle or a wider seat.

Many bike riders may not even realize the ability to customize their bikes for added comfort. They may not be aware that they can switch out their current bike seat for C series bike seats that will allow them to ride longer and feel less stiff after a tough bike ride. If more people were aware of the C series bike seats, there may be an increase in bike riders altogether.

Bike replacement parts

With bike riding being so common in our country, bikers spend a lot of money on bikes and their accessories. In fact, $81 million is spent on bicycling gear in the U.S. compared to $51 billion spent on airplane tickets and fees. Some bikers may also not be aware that they can replace specific broken parts of their bikes. They may instead, choose to replace their entire bike at a much higher price. Most bike parts, in fact, can be replaced, even the leather bike saddle. In most cases, it is more beneficial for a biker to purchase a higher quality bike and replace broken parts than to continually replace bikes with a cheaper version.

Biking is a million dollar industry throughout the world. It provides entertainment, exercise, and stress reduction. As spring and warmer weather approaches, prepare yourself for the perfect bike riding temperatures. Ensure that your bike is properly maintained, that you have all of the necessary safety materials, that you have the most comfortable bike seat possible, and that you have replaced any broken parts. Safety should always be priority when it comes to bike riding. Research your repair and comfort abilities, changing out your bike seat for C series bike seats that will allow you to ride longer and in more difficult of terrains.

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