Emergency Rooms, Personal Physicians, Walk-in Clinics Where to Go


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Taking care of your health and the health of your family is one of the most important aspects of life. There are so many specific and general ways of getting the help that you need. You may need free STD testing centers, a health clinic for women or children, personal family care physicians, emergency room treatment, or a variety of other professional medical assistance. Figuring out when to use what can be overwhelming. Here are some things to keep in mind when seeking medical treatment:

  • Emergency Room — The ER may be one of the scariest places in all of the medical industry. There are a lot of people with various issues ranging from a sore finger to gunshots. Because of the range of emergencies, you may be stuck waiting in the ER for a few hours. In just five years, the average wait time in emergency rooms increased 25% from 46 minutes to 58 minutes. So unless it is an emergency, you might be better off making an appointment to see your own personal doctor. One of the major benefits of going to the ER, however, is that they are open 24 hours a day. Treatment centers that focus on specific problems are an option as well: at home STD testing, health clinic for women, or urgent care facilities are all viable options for specific treatment.
  • Personal Physician — If it is an option, having a personal or a family doctor can have tremendous benefits. You will actually develop a relationship with the doctor so you and your family will be more comfortable in their care, access to regular check-ups and house calls, and you’ll be able to get in contact and stay in touch with your doctor whenever you need to. More and more doctors are coming into the field as well. Because of the country’s health care needs, the U.S. will need more than 50,000 primary care physicians over the next ten years. Unfortunately, less than 30% of personal physicians offer after-hours service. So you might have to wait it out or head to the ER if it can’t wait.
  • Walk-in Clinic — Walk-in clinics are your best bet if your doctor is currently unavailable, and you do not have an emergency that requires ER treatment. If you are suffering from a life-threatening injury or illness, take a trip to the ER. If it’s anything else, and your doctor (if you have one) is not available, a walk-in clinic should do the trick. There are many kinds all over the country. You have access to a walk-in health clinic for women, health clinic for children, fast and free STD clinic, neighborhood health clinic, emergency walk-in clinics and many more.

Realizing that you need treatment is very important but you also must know the correct option and location for your medical needs. Stay safe out there!

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