Comparing the CPAP Machine With the BiPAP


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Many people suffering from sleep disorders know just how important it is to find the right product to aid you in your sleep. It can be the very difference between life and death for many people. Sleep apnea affects many of us and it affects men twice as much as women.

There are different types of machines available for you when it comes to sleep apnea machines for sale. The CPAP machine and the BiPAP machine each work well in their own way, depending on the person who needs them.

When you compare the BiPAP vs CPAP are both very effective machines. They each treat sleep apnea by using airway pressure to treat pauses in the breathing during periods of sleep. Both of the technologies have a unique benefit when it comes to the treatment of sleeping disorders, and though they are similar, they are also different in important ways.

As many as 18 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea. In addition to these known cases, it is thought that nearly five percent of all Americans have undiagnosed cases. This comes out to one in every fifty people being undiagnosed with the condition.

The CPAP in CPAP machine stands for continuous positive airway pressure. This is the most popular treatment for obstructive types of sleep apnea. Air pressure is generated by the machine and distributed through a tube into a mask which has been designed to fit over the nose or mouth.

The BiPAP machine works a little bit differently. The BiPAP in BiPAP machine stands for two levels or bi-level positive airway pressure. It is like a CPAP in that it sends air through a tube and into a mask which general fits over the nose. The BiPAP machine delivers air pressure on the inhale as well as the exhale.

When you compare the two options, you might begin to consider which one is better. The answer, really, lies in what is better for you, specifically. Your condition might not be like someone else’s.

Historically, the BiPAP machine has been more expensive than the CPAP, but it is the go-to machine if the CPAP cannot be tolerated by the patient. While comfort has sometimes been a problem for the CPAP machines, new technologies are making that issue become something of the past.

If you or someone you know is suffering from sleep apnea, take the time to find the machine that is just right. It makes no sense to continue a treatment that isn’t working. Look around until you find the balance between what is comfortable and what works most effectively for your condition.

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