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Drug Addiction Continues to be a Major Expense in Many Parts of the Country

The hand written prescription for 10 oxycodone still remains tucked under the magnet on the side of the refrigerator.

One week to the day after your 22 year old daughter had four wisdom teeth removed, the script serves a sa reminder to just how well the procedure went.

Always an over achiever, your daughter suffered the most pain and the most swelling nearly 12 hours before the oral surgeon’s office predicted she would. At the time you feared that the worse was yet to come, but after a good night’s rest and applying more ice overnight, your daughter woke still swollen but far more comfortable. The high dosage pain prescription was never filled and, thankfully, by the end of the weekend your daughter was ready to return to classes in her accelerated nursing program. It was likely the discussions that she had participated in during pharmacology class that made her so adamant about not filling the prescription even though the oral surgeon had provided it. For only 10 pills, the pi

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