Activities in Assisted Living


Taking care of an aging loved one can be a difficult process for the entire family. It gets even more challenging and painful when specialized care is needed. Alzheimer care, dementia care, and other cognitive care services are often needed at some point ant time. If you have questions or want to learn all about senior care service options, you need to take some time and familiarize yourself with the elder care centers in your area.

Finding active senior care facilities and elder care services that provide in-home care can make a world of difference for you and your loved one. The question of ‘where can I find reliable and trustworthy adult assisted living near me’ is a question that haunts many families as they make the decisions about how to best care for an elderly family member. Thankfully, there are likely many options for you to choose from, and you can find quality elder care services in your local area.

You can search online or talk to friends and family for personal recommendations or advice. You can also tell your smart device to ‘find elder care and aged care near me’ and see what results you can come up with.


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Moving into retirement housing can be a stressful experience for many seniors. Often, the question is asked “What is there to do?” With many retirement homes employing only one activities director and operating on a small budget, the answer to that question may shape a senior’s decision to move to an assisted living community. Even with the limited budget, there are many activities that assisted living homes can coordinate for their residents.

    • Exercise is one of the most important things to look for in a retirement home activity list. Studies have shown that seniors who remain active are at a lower risk for dementia and are less likely to suffer debilitating falls. Many retirement homes offer yoga and tai chi, and encourage residents to take long walks around the yard and building.



  • Social interaction is another integral part of any quality activities program. Aside from holding parties, ice cream socials, and other gatherings for residents, some retirement homes will bring in outside company to brighten residents’ days. Volunteers may sing Christmas carols, bring in pets for animal therapy, or even just sit and visit with residents, giving them someone to talk to when their family isn’t there. Often, children from local schools and scout troops will stop by to visit the residents and keep them company.

When visiting a retirement home, it is important to speak to the activities director to find out what the options are. Ask to see a copy of the activities calendar, and ask about how they overcome staffing and budgetary obstacles. Make sure there are activities that fit the senior’s interests. If your family member likes being active and moving around, a facility that only offers quiet watercolors and movie nights will probably not be a good fit. It’s important to find a retirement home that meets your family’s needs.


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