A Point Well Taken Why Acupuncture Is The Cure For Your Ills


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Certain pains or ailments are difficult to live with, but even more difficult to get rid of: Chronic pain, headaches, seasonal allergies, arthritis, etc. You’ve probably tried everything: consulted different doctors, taken different medications, tried different treatments. But have you considered acupuncture?

The thought of someone sticking needles into your body may be a little intimidating. But if you can come to terms with that, you will be amazed at all of the different ways acupuncture therapy will be able to help you. Looking at common ailments, like those listed above, subjects who received acupuncture therapy, in addition to standard care, felt significant improvement, as much as 50% better, than those who relied only on standard care.

While acupuncture is still considered an alternative therapy, it has been around for thousands of years, and is now widely practiced in the United States as a therapeutic intervention. Most commonly used for pain relief, people have also found relief with acupuncture for fertility problems, high blood pressure, and depression, among many other issues.

Acupuncture therapy can also be helpful with more everyday problems. It can help athletes with pain relief, muscle relaxation, fast healing, energy enhancement, and improved blood flow, for an overall better performance. Acupuncture helps to re-calibrate stress hormone levels back to normal. It even improves memory, focus, and learning capacity.

Another therapy that helps many of the same conditions, but without the needles, is traditional Chinese medicine cupping therapy. Like the inverse of a massage, cupping therapy lightly draws the skin and superficial muscle layer into the cup with suction. This process loosens muscles, encourages blood flow, and sedates the nervous system.

The point is, you don’t have to suffer with discomfort anymore, with just a simple visit to your local acupuncture clinic. Don’t be deterred by the needles, as many patients actually find it to be a relaxing experience. But if you’re still hesitant, try Chinese cupping therapy. Take a chance, and you may find your life to be greatly improved, with just a little poke. Get more info here.

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