A Convenient, Friendly Medical Resource For The Whole Family Visiting Your Pedi Urgent Care Nearby


Children have to be taught how to take good care of themselves, just like any other developing skill.

This includes knowing how to use the right medical resources when in pain. An urgent care nearby is fast becoming the preferred method of healthcare in the United States for several reasons. From a low-cost model to an attentive medical staff, your closest urgent care center is your best friend in a pinch. They even have a similar pedi center you can seek out for your child’s surprise ailments. No matter what you need, an urgent care center is there.

Reduce your stress with an effective healthcare model that can easily supplement your regular doctor’s office. Learn more about Bakersfield pediatrics below.

Taking care of your child is a full-time job. They’re still learning how to look after their own health, whether it’s a scraped knee that needs Neosporin or learning to wash their hands regularly. The average American child will catch between six to 10 colds per year (while Americans in general come down with a collective one billion). Ear infections are a particularly painful issue that affects five out of six children, to boot. Most children will have at least one before they turn three years-old.

It’s not just illnesses you have to keep an eye on as a parent. You also have to monitor a bevy of injuries that always seem to crop up at the worst time. It’s been estimated 25,000 Americans will suffer from an ankle sprain every single day…and that’s just the surface of the issue. Burns, cuts, scrapes, bruises, and reoccurring infections can take a serious toll on your busy week. Fortunately, an urgent care nearby is a quick and convenient location.

One of the most prominent features of the urgent care center is just how efficient it is. According to the 2016 Benchmarking Report conducted by the Urgent Care Association, over 90% of centers will have wait times of 30 minutes or less. This means you will be in and out in a heartbeat. This is especially useful for children who are still nervous in medical settings. Your pediatric urgent care will have both the resources and the know-how to provide your children with a pleasant visit.

That’s not the only element you have to look forward to. Urgent care centers are becoming better known for being a more affordable alternative to the emergency room. A private study by Milliman found between 45% to 65% of all ER episodes could have been treated at an urgent care nearby. Additionally, just 3% of patients who come to an urgent care center need to be diverted to emergency services. All of these features combine to create the most effective form of healthcare for millions of American families.

When your child is in pain and you can’t resolve the problem at home, an urgent care nearby can help. Their low-cost model will make sure you’re not digging into your emergency funds for a quick visit. Even better, they can treat a wide variety of injuries or illnesses on the spot. The 2015 fiscal year saw urgent care centers reporting an average of 12,000 patients (or 30 visits every day). Urgent care centers come in emergency room hybrids and family urgent care varieties, so double-check the ones in your area.

You have options. Seek out a pediatric urgent care nearby and save yourself some time.

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