6 Ways to Get the Most of Your Ibogaine Detox Experience


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Nearly 2.6 million people struggle with addiction. Every day more than 100 people die from a drug overdose. In 2011, 9.4 million people drove while under the influence of alcohol. If you want to be free of your addiction and traditional detox is not something you want to do, you might want to consider ibogaine drug treatment.
Ibogaine treatment has been shown to reduce cravings for alcohol and opiates for about 98% of people who undergo the full treatment. if you choose this kind of treatment, you can do certain things you can do to improve your experience better so you can get the most of it.

6 Tips to Prepare for Ibogaine Treatment

  1. Eat well. Before you enter the detox center, you need to eat a healthy diet to get all of your nutrients. You need to keep your energy level up and eating the right foods before and during your stay at the detox center. This is a very tiring process so you need to make sure you eat well. If you have been suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, the chances are that you have neglected your basic needs for food. Use your time at the detox center to develop positive health habits.
  2. Stay hydrated. Many people experience diarrhea or constipation when they are going through recovery from drugs and alcohol. You need to make sure you drink enough water to avoid these unpleasant side effects of your recovery. You want to give yourself the best chance to succeed in your path to becoming healthier. Drinking lots of water is one way to do that.
  3. Maintain your focus. If you travel for your ibogaine detox, you need to focus on your recovery, not sightseeing trips. You can travel later. There will be time for that when you are through the recovery process. Your time at the ibogaine center is for you to recover from drugs or alcohol. You need to remove any distractions that may keep you from succeeding. This is a good time to work on your focus. Resolve to live a healthier life and you will.
  4. Practice positive thinking. This may not be easy in any detox center to think about lifeand#39;s positive things but it is not impossible. When we think about our negative thoughts, we give them power over us and our lives. every day will not be great, everyone has their ups and downs but you can train your mind to focus more on the positive things you have in your life. Give those thoughts the power they deserve.
  5. Trust your facility and the process. Recovery is a process. The expert providers at your ibogaine detox center know what they are doing. They are practicing proven methods of addiction care and treatment. Trust them and the process to get you on the road to recovery. You can make it though your ibogaine detox with the help of the staff of the detox clinic you choose.
  6. Be selfish. We may think we have to please everyone all of the time but we really need to spend time focusing on ourselves some times, too. You know when you take an airplane, the fight attendant always says to put your own mask on before helping anyone else. Like in a plane crisis, you are in trouble and need to focus on yourself for a little bit. If you spend this time focusing on your needs, you will be in a better position to succeed. You only will get it of this time what you put into it so focus on you and your needs.

Your recovery is a very personal time. You can use your detox and rehabilitation process for self reflection. You can gain valuable insight into your issues and maybe develop some clarity your life has been lacking. Going to an ibogaine treatment center is the first step on the road of recovery and should be viewed as a positive time in your life.

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