3rd Party Logistics is Your Distribution Solution


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Shipping medical goods and products across a nation, or around the world, requires careful handling, accurate documentation, and secure delivery. Third party logistics (3PL) providers offer this type of service to health care companies, and many other clients who need their shipping needs streamlined and organized. 3PL providers help monitor supply chain management, which ensures that goods are taken from point A to point B safely, and they also ensure that every part of the delivery process goes smoothly. Since many goods, such as medical products, pose liability risks to their production company, attentive delivery is crucial. Using a 3PL warehouse can help reduce these risks, and make sure that the quality of the product is not diminished or jeopardized during delivery.

Most 3PL companies offer an integrated shipping solution for their clients. In addition to monitoring supply chain management, they specialize in warehousing, transporting, and freight forwarding. They can even manage cross docking systems, where goods are transferred from one loading vehicle to the next without a storage space in between. This can be a risky process because if any items are lost in transit, the production company is liable for the missing items. A reliable 3PL warehouse will have proper health care logistics management in place, and integrated delivery network logistics to guide the process successfully. Modern 3PL providers also give customers a way to monitor these processes with inter-company communications support, and transparent supply chain systems that can be evaluated by the client.

In addition to secure services, some 3PL providers offer urgent delivery, and a healthcare logistics company can work to send products in a same day delivery shipment. With this added convenience, 3PL providers provide clients with comprehensive management of delivering goods to a destination with little hassle. They can be as involved in the process as the customer wants, taking care of everything from packing, warehousing, distributing, and setting up security systems, to delivery and monitoring the entire logistics process. The use of a 3PL provider also saves valuable money spent on purchasing a separate storage warehouse, and hiring staff to execute the logistics. These advantages make hiring a 3PL provider worth the investment.

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