3 Reasons to Get Scalp Micropigmentation


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there are many people who claim to be hair loss specialists, but how many of them actually know what they’re talking about? Hair loss restoration is something some of the brightest minds in the world have worked on for many years, but there may finally be an efficient and reliable way to go about it: Scalp micropigmentation.

Scalp micropigmentation is a process that’s actually similar to getting a bunch of tiny tattoos on the scalp that looks just like a person’s natural hair line. The process involves findind the right match of ink to hair color and administering it in a way that gives off a three-dimensional or “real” look. Considering approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair by the age of 50, this might be something you need sooner than you think.

Here are three reasons to invest in scalp micropigmentation.

  1. Confidence and Self Esteem: The fact of the matter is hair loss can be an incredibly emotional and embarrassing experience for many men. Despite it being natural and common, most men just simply can’t stand the thought of being bald or balding. Having a great looking hairline can go a long way in how you feel about yourself, which can have effects on the rest of your life too.
  2. Avoid Potential Wig Embarrassment: One of the most common ways to try and combat hair loss is by buying a wig. This is an age-old practice, but for many it’s a practice that’s simply outdated. Wigs can easily fall off, sometimes at the most inopportune time, which can be embarrassing and humiliating. With scalp micropigmentation this is something you never have to worry about.
  3. Safe and Minimally Invasive: The process is one that is also very safe and minimally invasive, as opposed to many other forms of hair restoration. Scalp micropigmentation has a low complication rate, doesn’t leave scars and is relatively cost-effective. The cost of a hair transplant can be staggering.

Hair may be cosmetic for the most part, but it’s important to many people. If you’re beginning to show signs of hair loss/balding, consider this unique form of hair restoration today.

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