3 Kinds of Life Coaching with Concrete Results


High school graduates

When one hears the phrase “personal life coach training,” it may seem vague, or almost spiritual—the sort of thing a kooky Hollywood celebrity or spoiled socialite might need. But actually, life coaching services can help you develop strategies for concrete, everyday problems. Here are three things a life coach can help you with:

  1. Organization
    If you struggle with keeping things tidy, an organization coach can help you as much or as little as you need. This might be as simple as coming over a few times to help you with a de-cluttering project; people often become sentimental and overly attached to things they don’t need, and having an objective arbitrator to help balance nostalgia with practicality can be an invaluable resource. Or, those who struggle with organization in more sustained ways can work with a life coach to develop, test and adjust specific organization goals and protocols.
  2. Focus
    It’s tempting to label all lack of focus “ADHD.” About 8.4% of American children ages 3…17 have been diagnosed with ADHD, although the American Psychiatric Association estimates that only 5% of children in that age range actually suffer from the disorder. Regardless, lack of focus can be a problem in both school and the workplace, and those looking for ADHD alternative treatment for their kids or ways to boost their own workplace productivity with ADHD can benefit from working one-on-one to develop the skill of focusing despite internal or external distractions.
  3. Time Management
    One of the greatest pitfalls a student or young professional can fall into is a habit of procrastinating. Time management exercises can be a particularly helpful measure for high school graduates heading off to college for the first time, where they’ll be asked to do more work than they’re used to—and with far less supervision and support. Having an outside party go through these strategies with your teen can help it to feel like grownup preparation for independent life, rather than just nagging from mom and dad.

Have you ever used personal life coach training? Was it as sterotypically depicted, or did it make a difference in your life? Share your experiences in the comments.

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