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Three Surprising Things you can Have Checked at the Women’s Health Clinic

Many people associate women’s health centers with gynecology. While women’s reproductive health is an important part of any health clinic for women, most provide comprehensive care that goes beyond reproductive health. Women have different physical and mental health needs, and health clinics for women are equipped to go beyond the typical family health clinic. Here are three somewhat surprising services offered by women’s health centers, which may even be offered at a low cost health clinic or walk in center.

STD Testing

Visits to your doctor’s office sometimes have to be made weeks or even months in advance. If you think you may have contracted an STD/STI, you can often get into a health clinic for women or free health clinic for quick testing. Anonymous STD testing should be available that day and should only take a few minutes to process. In addition, primary care providers at women’s clinics often are women themselves, and the clinics are often by women with the need

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