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3 Common Myths About the Walk in Health Clinic

walk in health clinics1. The Walk in Health Clinic Is Not Reliable.
The Urgent Care Association of America estimates that 3 million patients seek care from a walk in health clinic each week. While some clinics are only open Monday through Saturday, 85% of them have business hours every day of the week. Clinic doctors must be alert at all times to treat different types of patients. There are presumptions made in regards to the talent level of doctors and nurses employed by clinics. Most assume that these clinics are only able to hire low-level talent, but that is not true. Walk in heath clinics employ some of the top doctors and nurses in the area.

2. The Walk in Health Clinic Is for Severe Symptoms Only
Many patients assume that walk in health clinics are reserved for emergency room-like symptoms, but that is...

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Millions of Seniors Report Lower Back Pain, but Many Never Seek Treatment or Physical Therapy


Living with back pain is a daily reality for millions of American adults, and trying to find doctors who can help with medication, physical therapy, and outpatient treatment could start as close to home as patients’ nearest walk in clinic. Many urgent care medical clinics offer treatment and help for a wide range of symptoms, including chronic back pain. Depending upon location, local doctors at a walk in medical clinic may be able to provide on site prescription fulfillment and could also help with referrals to occupational health services and physical therapy treatment c

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