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3 Important Services Provided by Urgent Care Centers

Finding a primary care physician

Say that you get sick after your doctor’s office is closed, but you know you don’t really need to go to the emergency room. What do you do? Do you suffer through until you can get a doctor’s appointment? Unfortunately, many people do just that, or endure long wait lines (and incur high medical bills) in the ER for comparatively simple treatments. But the better option in these cases is finding urgent care facilities. You can usually be seen at urgent care 24 hours a day, with minimal wait times and lower bills. Here’s some of what urgent care centers can (and can’t) provide:

  1. Moderate Injury Care

    Urgent care can put in stitches for moderate cuts and wounds. A good way to tell whether a cut is serious enough to send you to the ER is to assess the amount of ble