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When Was the Last Time an Injury Kept You from Doing What You Wanted to Do?

It’s all about the journey.

It’s not over in 21 days.
It’s not over in 6 weeks.

It’s not over when you hit your goal weight.

It’s not over when you run 10 miles.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.Look forward to the burn. To the challenge.

It’s your journey. Make it worth it.

Golf Is a Sport That Can Provide Years of Enjoyment
There are many kinds of athletic pursuits that only last for a short period of time. And while being a football player or a gymnast may be fun while it lasts, these are two examples of sports that have a pretty short shelf life. Other sports, however, provide a way for athletes to stay more involved for a much longer period of time. Golf is a prime example. Although you can still certainly suffer an injury and have to take time off, for the most part golf is a sport that is inviting to athletes of all ages.

From the scenic views of the courses around the country, or across the globe to the chance to compete agains

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