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Playing Sports and Eating Better to Lose Weight

Human beings are designed by nature to move and exercise every day, and studies have shown that this is a relic of the early hominid days, when our ancestors hunted big game rather than eating fruits in trees like chimpanzees and gorillas do today. In the modern age, hardly anyone is running after their food, but the human body is still optimized to burn calories and work out the muscles every day, and in the modern sedentary age, this can be a problem. Many American kid and adults are not getting enough exercise, even if various health organizations suggest they should, and that, combined with fast food and highly processed food, means that obesity rates are very high today, with many American kids and adults overweight or even obese. But for any able-bodies individual, it’s completely possible to take control of one’s health and turn this around. A combination of a better diet with exercise equipment, playing sports,