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Start Getting the Help You Need By Taking This First Easy Step

Mental health has become an increasingly fraught topic in our culture and the National Alliance on Mental Illness reports that almost 45 million people experience mental illness at any point during the year. Unfortunately, just over 40% of adults who suffered from a mental health condition in 2015 got the services they needed. That percentage was only a bit better among adults who had a serious mental illness, with just under 63% getting mental health services — but that percentage still leaves far too many untreated and uncared for. Often people who think they might have a mental illness are afraid to confirm their suspicions or are ashamed, because of the stigma attached. However, taking a confidential online behavioral health care assessment is one way to figure out areas of your life or behavior that concern you and talk to a mental health care professional.

How Can An Online Behavioral Health Care Assessment Help?
An online behavioral health care ass

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