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What to watch out for as you get older


Time marches on for us all and, most of the time, it isn’t fun for anyone. We often view aging with a paradoxical mixture of fascination and dread, as if we were always staring halfway through a funhouse mirror. The truth is that aging, no matter who it happens to, is always a new process. No one’s ever been as old as they are right now and no one is ever going to get younger either. Until the far off day when we perfect anti aging technology and can finally all live as perfect immortal people, all of us have to cope with the realities of aging, both its perils and its triumphs. But what does the process of aging entail, exactly? What happens to us as we get older and how do our bodies and minds change with the process of age? This is a complicated question and there’s no easy answer. It involves a lot of complicated