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Are You Looking for Ways to Keep You Failing Parent at Home?

Types of walkers for elderly

These have been difficult weeks. In fact, looking back on the stress and the sadness, it is difficult to imagine that it has only been six weeks, not months. You are so weary with worry that it certainly feels like it has been more than just a few weeks that you have been coming to terms with your father’s sudden illness.
The diagnosis of cancer, however, can seem like a life sentence even when you are only a few weeks into the process. When, for instance, your father went from a vibrant man who was occasionally slurring a few words or forgetting a few thoughts to someone who is now dealing with the almost complete loss of the right side of his body, it really does feel as if this new reality has been a part of your life forever. You try to recall his strong, forceful voice when he was in the

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