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Why Hyperhidrosis Doesn’t Have to Drench You Down

How to control excessive sweating

They say if you can’t beat the heat, then get out of the kitchen. It is a simple part of being human, we all sweat, but for the 8 million Americans that suffer from over active sweat glands, know as hyperhidosis, every year, sweating can be more than a part of life, it can be a severe nuisance. Remember the last time you finished a vigorous bout of exercise, like a long distance run or an intense game of football. You were probably drenched in sweat and feeling uncomfortable. While it may be uncomfortable for us to be sweaty during activities or in the heat of the summer sun, sweat glands provide an important purpose, they keep our bodies cool and regulate our internal core temperature. Without sweat glands we would literally cook from the inside out. Luckily, the solution to workout sweat i

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