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Is Your Teenager Ignoring You? They May Have Hearing Damage From Head Phone Use

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As it turns out, your parents may have been right: wearing headphones and listening to music at top volume can cause detectable hearing loss. Recent studies show that one out of every five teenagers has a measurable hearing loss, and experts trace the damage to headphones. The rate of teen hearing loss is about 30% higher than it was three decades ago, and music listeners may not realize the damage that headphones — also known as “ear buds” — can cause.

The loudness of everyday sounds and noises is typically measured in decibels. A whisper is about 30 decibels, while an everyday, spoken conversation clocks in around 60 decibels. A motorcycle is more than 100 decibels, and a jet engine is about 140 decibels. The frightening fact is that any sound louder than about 100 decibels can cause

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