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What Hair Specialists Can Do For You

Aside from those who shaved their heads bald for style (some men such as Jeff Bezos are known for this look), adults have hair on their heads, and this hair is a great concern for many people. Adults base a lot of their self-image and even their esteem on the quality and appearance of their hair, both men and women, and the proliferation of different hair styles and hair care products reflects this. Many hair styles have gone in and out of fashion throughout the years, from mullets to crew cuts to the famed Farrah Fawcett look. Americans spend a lot on their barbers and home hair care products, looking to get perms or curls, dye their hair different colors, cut it shorter, or even add woven hair wefts to add length or density.

Thinning hair and bald patches are another concern. It is natural, harmless, and common for adults to have their hair thin out as they age, but few if any people actually savor this natural process. Male pattern balding is common, and many men have receding

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