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Detecting Parasitic Diseases and Viruses in Pregnant Women

Millions of people are infected with parasites and serious viruses around the world every year. These infections are particularly dangerous for pregnant women, who have weakened immune systems and run the risk of passing diseases on to their children. Complications arising from these illnesses can cause at-risk pregnancies and result in birth defects or health problems for children after they are born. Here are three common parasites and viruses that can present particular risks to pregnant women.


Toxocariasis, or roundworm infection, is considered by the CDC to be one of the top five “Neglected Parasitic Infections.” While many may erroneously believe that roundworm infection occurs more frequently in the developing world, an estimated 14% of Americans have been exposed to roundworm at some point in their lives. Mothers who are infected with Toxocariasis are often able to b

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