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Your Ultimate Wheelchair Maintenance Guide

It is estimated that about 650 million people (an equivalent of 10% of the world’s population) live with a disability. If your disability confines you to a wheelchair, there’s a need to undertake routine wheelchair maintenance checks so that it performs optimally.

The maintenance of manual wheelchair is based on brands, models, and other aspects relating to its purpose (sports activity vs daily use). The maintenance time can vary from between 3 to 5 months for footrests and seats, or monthly basis for air pressure on off road wheelchair tires.

The good thing about regular maintenance checks is that it extends your wheelchair lifespan. You wouldn’t want your wheelchair to break down unexpectedly, leaving you in distress, especially if you’ve got an active lifestyle.

Here are some of the things that should be top of your wheelchair maintenance checklist


You should do a visual inspection on off road wheelchair tires if you’re looking for

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