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How to Tell the Difference Between Having a Cold and Suffering from Allergies

Unfortunately, millions of Americans suffer from various types of allergies and colds every single year. Treatment for either can be difficult because the initial symptoms for allergies and a cold often appear to be identical, with many opting to delay treatment because they’re not sure what’s causing their symptoms. However, there are ways to tell allergies apart from cold symptoms if you know what to look for. Knowing the which symptoms belong to which illness can mean the difference between visiting the allergy and asthma clinic and going to see your regular doctor. This article will provide a basic overview of the differences between cold symptoms and allergy symptoms.

  • Duration of Symptoms: One of the biggest differences between cold and allergy symptoms is how long they last. Barring any complications, cold symptoms will run their course in around seven days, sometimes as many as ten. Allergy symptoms, by comparison, can last for several weeks at a time without any r
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