Daily Archives May 7, 2019

Uniting Urgent Care and Emergency Care Centers

When and if you are injured, sometimes you are not sure which department to go to. Emergency department or urgent care? It can be a stressful decision that only makes the situation worse because you are worried that you will end up wasting someone’s time. Here, you will find the differences between urgent care and emergency department. The difference is in the name.

To simplify, “urgent care” is something that is urgent, but can be dealt with in a timely manner. Emergency departments are for injuries that need attention now. They cannot wait or else the situation gets worse.

Urgent Care

Urgent care centers are primarily for patients that have injured themselves that is not necessarily life threatening. If you are bleeding, even if it is not severe, chances are they will send you to the emergency department instead. On the other hand, if you sprain an ankle, wrist or anything else, you

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