Daily Archives March 8, 2019

How To Get Up And Moving Here In The United States

For people of all ages, exercise is hugely important. There is no denying this fact, as exercise can help with weight reduction as well as strength building. Many studies have even shown that exercise can have a tremendously positive impact on our overall moods as well, something that many people actually don’t know about. Unfortunately, more and more people are living sedentary lifestyles here in the United States, lifestyles that are far from healthy and far from sustainable in the long term.

The data more than backs this up. This data shows that more than three quarters of the adult population (around 80% of them, to be just a little bit more exact) are not reaching the guidelines and recommendations that have been set out for activities that are both aerobic and muscle strengthening in nature. And far too few people are active at all, with no more than 44% of the population of elderly adults (over the age of 75) still active on a regular basis. The problem starts even younger,

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