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Three of the leading things your doctor is monitoring during labor and delivery

Having a baby can be an exciting part of life. The future of little hugs and kisses, the hope for your little artist or future doctor… all of your thoughts for the little life that is growing run ramped through your mind. However, what one doesn’t take into consideration are all of the tests, pokes, and prodding that come along with labor and delivery when the big day finally comes. With just under four million babies born in the United States every year, the doctors must know what they’re doing, caring for some many expectant moms and their babies. But, wouldn’t it help you to know what the doctors are monitoring during delivery? Let’s take a look at what you’re being watched carefully for and how these things are helping you and your baby.

So what does some of the monitoring that your doctors do while you’re welcoming a baby mean and how does it help you safely welcome your child into the world?

Effacement of cervix chart

What exactly is the effacement of cervix

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