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Hair Restoration In The United States

Balding is common all throughout men of varying ages in the United States. In fact, if you yourself are not experiencing some stage of the balding process, it is more likely than not that someone you know on a close personal level is. This is because more than half of all men (two thirds to be more exact) have hair that is already beginning to thin (if not at a more advanced stage of the balding process) by the time that they reach the relatively young age of thirty five. And by the time that they reach fifty, a whopping eighty five percent of all men have begun to lose their hair – or are much further along in the process of balding. All throughout the country, millions of men – just about thirty five million, to be exact – are in the process of losing their hair, and this has taken a toll on the lives of many, particularly when it comes to losing confidence.

There are options. Hair treatment like hair transplant surgery is becoming more and more common, and hair specialists around t

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