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A Brief Overview of Hyperhidrosis Find Out How to Stop Excessive Sweating Permanently

How to reduce underarm sweat

Do you experience excessive sweating? Have you been searching for how to control underarm sweat?

If you sweat more than the average person, this may be a condition called hyperhidrosis. There are 8 million people in the United States with this condition that causes someone to sweat more profusely than others. If you’re experiencing hot flushes and excessive sweating, however, you may be exhibiting signs of perimenopause rather than hyperhidrosis.

Over the normal course of a day, the average person will sweat up to 6 liters. This is under normal conditions when they are not exerting themselves or engaged in strenuous exercise. When someone has hyperhidrosis, however, they will usually sweat 4 to 5 times more than other individuals.

A person with this condition may either have gener