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Are You Tired of Being Embarrassed about Your Sweaty Feet and Hands?

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Summer should be a carefree time. Especially when your are a high school or college student who is just wrapping up your classes for the spring semester, the arrival of summer should be a relaxing time that allows you to go to work, enjoy some time at the pool or the lake, and enjoy your time with friends. For people who suffer from excessive sweating, however, the warm weather signals the time when you have to put away your socks and get out the summer sandals. Those socks, though, could help you disguise the fact that your feet sweat profusely, and the summer sandals that look so cute and smell so new when they come out of the box quickly turn into a sweaty and stinky mess.
While the rest of your friends are excited about wearing their scrappy sandals aor vein their bare feet, you have to worry a

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