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Do You Take a Daily Medication That Was Once a Part of a Clinical Study?

Clinical study

The last asthma attack that you had was nearly 30 years ago. And although it has been nearly threee decades since you felt the tightening in your chest that led to you driving yourself to the emergency room, it is an experience that you will never forget.
The panic of not being able to breathe. The fear that you were getting worse and not better. The call into your building principal to say that there was no way you would be in to work in the morning.
Fortunately, however, this adult visit to the hospital was quite a bit different from the frequent asthma emergency room visits of your youth. The staff seemed very prepared; they were calm; they even gave you a prescription for a daily medication that they thought would be beneficial to you.
You have very scary memories of growing up with asthma. As

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