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A Hopeful Future For Chronic Back Pain Sufferers

Sports-related spine injury

Back pain is one of the most common ailments that Americans face. It is one of the most common reasons for a physician visit and one of the most common reasons for missed work. People are constantly putting excessive stress onto their backs and necks. We are sitting at computers for longer than ever, causing strain to our postures and our necks. Proper back care and neck and back care is not practiced. Back pain is also one of the most difficult things to diagnose and medically figure out. There are many treatments available for back pains, but their outcomes vary. Some medical doctors may even be at a loss of treatment for those suffering with chronic back pains.

Back pain can affect many areas

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What Conditions Do Urgent Care Clinics Treat?


Urgent care clinics offer extended and weekend hours as well as convenient neighborhood locations. These walk in clinics have highly qualified staff, including doctors, nurses, technicians and pharmacists on site to treat most medical conditions that are not emergencies. The Urgent Care Association of America estimates that 3 million people visit doctors urgent care clinics each year, for everything from the common cold to fractures and chronic conditions like diabetes and back pain.
Urgent care centers also offer physical therapy to treat sports injuries, chronic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and other conditions for which there is no quick and easy medical treatment. Physical therapy also complements treatment for other medical conditions and improves patient outcomes.

Why are urgent care cli

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What You Need to Know About Substance Abuse in the Workplace

substance abuse in the workplaceSubstance abuse is a real problem, especially in Canada. A study by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) found that Canadians drink more than 50% above the global average. And while most people associate alcoholism and drug use with troubled homes, life on the streets, and criminal activity, the fact is that most users are regular people going about their normal routines — including showing up for work, at least most of the time.

As a co-worker or a boss, it is important to know the warning signs and the facts, so that if such a situation does arise, you will be fully prepared to take the correct actions and help that person deal with drug or alcohol abuse. Check out these substance abuse in the workplace statistics:

It’s Really Dangerous
Substance abuse in the workplace isn’t...

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