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Urgent Care How The American Health Care System Is Evolving

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There are a few basic human needs that we need to survive: food, water, and shelter name some of the most essential. In addition to these needs, access to affordable family health care ought to be considered a priority: this is the philosophy behind medical walk in clinics. Since 2008, the number of urgent care facilities has increased from 8,000 to over 9,300. Today there are an estimated 20,000 physicians who practice in urgent care medicine; here are some reasons why so many Americans are making the switch to urgent family health care.

Extended Hours

Illness can strike anyone at any time, so it only makes sense that health care providers ought to be ready at all hours to help patients.

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Pain, Stress, Low Energy Will Acupuncture Help?

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How much do you really know about acupuncture and the way it works?

First, it’s one of the most ancient forms of healing, becoming a part of traditional Chinese medicine about 3000 years ago. Acupuncture can help to relieve chronic pain, reduce inflammation and help you to feel stronger by improving the energy flow throughout your body. Or, you can use as part of an overall life improvement program in conjunction with diet and exercise.

The theory of acupuncture is based upon the belief that there are 20 pathways in the human body, connected to more than 2000 potential points o

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