Daily Archives December 28, 2015

Is That Bucket o’ ‘Beetus Worth Ending up in a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center Over?

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The saying, “You are what you eat” has become a popular — and probably somewhat annoying to some — cautionary catchphrase that warns or praises eaters about the content of their food, but did you know it actually has some truth to it? In fact, it probably has a whole lot more truth than you’ve been taught to understand.

While you may not literally instantly turn into a pig after eating a factory-farmed pork chop or slab of crispy, salted bacon after it, you are ingesting everything and anything that animal ate. In some schools of thought, particularly Earth-based religious and spiritual practices, eating the flesh of animal also involves eating its “energy” or life force, whether that be positive or negative. Under this theory for example, eating the flesh of a fac

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