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Gastric Sleeve, a Solution to Long-term Weight Loss?

Gastric lap band

There’s nos shortage of weight loss information online, in print, or wherever you go in the world. Crash diets can be dangerous, and can lead to greater weight gain down the road. Doctor’s say the safest route is to change your habits, not simply what’s on your plate for a day, a week, or even a month.

Permanent Weight Loss Through Gastric Sleeve and Weight Loss Surgery

Permanent weight loss should be the goal for every overweight individual. Losing weight for a wedding, or other social event is a start, but lifelong weight loss is the healthiest approach, as yo-yo dieting can cause damage to a person’s health and self-esteem.

Successful weight loss is defined in some circles as weight-loss equal to or greater than 50% of a person’s excess body weight. Success is often determined by the

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