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Assisted Living Allows You To Make the Most of Your Golden Years

Assisting living

Assisted living facilities provide a home-away-from home for many seniors. While many seniors are reluctant to make the move from their own homes, they find that moving to an assisted living community provides a greater quality of life, and they are able to enjoy their golden years much more.

There are many reasons why senior move into assisted living facilities. Their spouse may have passed away, their home may now be too big for them, or they may not be able to properly and safely care for themselves any longer. For all these reasons and more, many seniors have made the move to assisted living.

There are many common, yet unfounded, fears about assisted living care. One of these is that the elderly person will los

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Treat Yourself to Some Last Minute Pregnancy Pampering

Pregnancy and foot massage

If you’re an expectant mother, you’re likely going through a lot. There’s lots of planning, and excitement, and stress, and nesting, and celebration. But aside from all of that, there’s also a little human growing inside you! And while that’s very exciting, it’s also scary, strange, and most of the time, pretty uncomfortable. Between morning sickness, swollen feet, lower back pain, and contractions, your body is being put through the ringer — and that’s BEFORE labor!

With all that’s going on in preparation for your new little one, it’s important to realize that this is the last time for a while that you will be able to focus on and take care of yourself. So why not take some time to pamper yourself, and reward your body for all the hard work its doing?

One of the best ways to pamper your

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