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How to Qualify for Medical Marijuana

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The drug isn’t just for lighting up in the school bathroom or hot boxing your parents car, there is a real history and purpose to marijuana. The drug was first cultivated in China for therapy — and recreational use — over 4,700 years ago and is one of the most widely-used organic drugs in the world.

About Medical Marijuana: Also known as cannabis, this plant is used to treat diseases or alleviate disease or injury symptoms. Today, many western societies are grappling with the idea of whether or not it is appropriate to use in the medical industry.

Nevertheless, medical marijuana doctors have sprung up everywhere in the United States in an attempt to quench the demand, though progress

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Don’t Risk Losing Your Sight Here are Four Signs You May Need to Find an Eye Doctor

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It’s common for all of us to get sick or face some type of injury. However, some people won’t see a doctor until these events occur, and when it comes to preventative care, this strategy could wind up costing you your health. The same goes for eye care: seeing a good optometrist or ophthalmologist could reduce your risk for eye problems, especially if you are one of the millions of Americans at risk for vision loss or one of the 14 million Americans over the age of 12 with a visual impairment.

How can you tell when it’s time to find an eye doctor in your area? Here are some signs it’s time to find an eye doctor and make an appointment for an eye exam.

    1. It’s been a while since your last appointment. Eye doctors recommend an eye exam at least once per year — just like a p

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Three Criteria You Can Use to Evaluate a New Primary Care Physician

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The Center for Disease Control estimates that approximately 55% of doctor’s appointments in the United States are with primary care physicians. Many of the other appointments are with specialists, but some Americans don’t have their own physicians and have to seek other options for their medical care. While walk-in medical and emergency clinics can offer urgent care, prescriptions, and diagnostic tests for patients who need them, only some of these centers have personnel who can serve as family doctors.

As a result, many Americans will find at some point or another that they need to seek out a primary care physician for themselves or their famil

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