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Massage Therapy May Be Helpful During Pregnancy

Pregnancy pillow for massage

Are you currently going through a lot of stress? Perhaps there is a lot of unrelieved tension in your body that is negatively affecting your ability to have an enjoyable and productive day. If so, massage may be an excellent solution.

This therapeutic process has a long history of limiting the effects of stress, reducing tension in muscles, and boosting health. Among those who have cancer, massage has demonstrated that it can alleviate pain, depression, stress, nausea, and fatigue.

Included in the different kinds of massage are Swedish, trigger point massage, hot stone treatment, shiatsu, sports massage, and lymphatic drainage. The latter treatment enables much-needed nutrients to have acces

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The Fact About Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Treatment for rsd

Although some people might think that it sounds like something out of an Aldous Huxley or Philip K. Dick novel, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is legitimate and widely used form of medical treatment. In fact, hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment has been around for decades, and is also FDA-approved.

Despite the fact that doctors have been using hyperbaric oxygen treatments for years, too many people seem to think of it as some kind of strange, experimental technique. However, the evidence proving that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can successfully treat a variety of medical conditions is so strong that many insurance companies have been covering h

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