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When Was the Last Time You Went in for a Mammogram?

Given your family history your head tells you that you really do not need a second opinion about your recent diagnosis of breast cancer. Your heart, however, is aching so you want to seek out a second opinion, if for no other reason than to see if there is a different recommendation for treatment.

A breast cancer diagnosis is never easy, but it is good to know that you have caught the problem as early as possible. With the latest mammography readings and ultrasound guided breast biopsy procedures many patients are able to fight a disease that in the past seemed impossible. Whether you are a young mother who has received the devastating news of a breast cancer diagnosis or you are in your first year of retirement after working a long career in the medical field, the news that your mammography has shown a problem can cause you to doubt the news. If getting a second opini

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The Many Different Fixcraft Parts that Improve Your Biking Experience

Many accessories help to add safety and efficiency to bicycling, both for exercising and transportation. With the Fixcraft parts adding efficiency and comfort to biking, there is much to gain. No matter whether there are road or sidewalk conditions that can cause danger, many Fixcraft parts are able to update your bike for the best. Many different bike parts help ensure the safety and productivity of your bicycle. Whether you are riding for fun, exercise, or transportation, there is always a great need to keep your bike up to date.

Benefits of Biking

No matter how long or short a biking trip may be, whether it is on the road or sidewalk, or throughout a natural trail of more challenge and danger, many Fixcraft accessories like toe clips and others that can help upgrade your bike to your specific needs. In addition to exercise, there are many benefits to biking like a great deal of fuel savings and cost savings in general regarding transportation.

Custom Bikes

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